Simon’s 2014 Game of the Year nominees – Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Here we are the final Game of the Year nominee, after looking at five other games I actually considered not even doing this one and just sticking to five nominees. However on a second thought I changed my mind and so we have our final nominee and shall we say surprise, it’s Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

Unlike many others I have not been harsh on more recent entries in the Call of Duty franchise, stating quite a bit of love for Call of Duty Ghosts and some enjoyment with Black Ops 2, however we can honestly say 2014 is one thing, the year Call of Duty found its footing once again. Advanced Warfare is definitely the best game in the franchise in years it is the game that found itself and started to establish an overly enjoyable game in all that was offered.

In part I would like to mention the story of the game, while I can honestly say it was nothing ground breaking it still did provide something past entries in recent years have not been able to capture. This is our enjoyment, sure the story is mostly predictable but it was honestly enjoyable not just relying on its gameplay to carry it like what Ghosts did for me. Yes, the gameplay did still carry the game with its improvements (which I will discuss in a moment), though the story still stood out with the game being something we could actually follow and honestly stick with.

The gameplay improvements also helped this, I will admit some features were seldom seen, but the ones that recurringly appeared were ones to make note of, particularly when they carried over so fluently to the multiplayer. Things like a boost jump made a nice change from the traditional strategy of the game allowing a new layer in which to view combat. This was not really shown in the single player but is worth noting became one of my favourite features within the multiplayer.

It really helped to define the game with many of the maps relying of the integration and use of the feature. Though I do not think this is really what lures me to the game and makes it a nominee, what does that is the multiplayer as a whole. In games like Black Ops 2 and Ghosts there were a number of maps I disliked, here though it is a very different story. I have not come across any maps I don’t like, each is clever and each is very fun, places like a broken prison, a garden of tranquillity and many other maps made for quite clever places to fight and have provided many hours of enjoyment.

I now just hope 2015 proves to be kind to this game and helps it to grow in the right direction with any extra maps or content. Well, that is it this is my final nominee but will it make Game of the Year for 2014, which is a question to be answered very soon.
So who will win Game of the Year for 2014? In case you have missed my past articles the nominees for Game of the Year are:

South Park the Stick of Truth

The Wolf Among Us

The Walking Dead Season 2

Hyrule Warriors

Super Smash Brothers for Wii U

Each game deserves to win for their own reasons, and no matter what each game is great in their own rights but only one can win. Who will reign supreme as winner of the coveted 2014 game of the year award?

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