Take Two explains the reason for Evolve’s delay

We have just found out that Evolve one of the year’s most highly anticipated games of the year has been delayed by Take Two but the only explanation we have been given in regards to this delay was it was in regards to financial results, however even if this was the case Take Two has delivered a statement to explain why they decided to delay Evolve in the first place. Take Two’s Interactive chairman Strauss Zelnick has given s the following reason during an analyst call:

“We decided the title deserves more time to be polished to reach an optimal state. Historically, we have always benefited from letting the creative teams have more time. We are very excited about this title. It felt like the right thing. I am glad we have Evolve coming in February for any number of reasons.”

This is certainly one of the best reasons to delay a game and hopefully this delay will make Evolve into an incredible game but only time will tell if it turns out well.

Unless another delay happens you will be playing Evolve in February of 2015.

Source: Take Two PR

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