Disney Infinity boosts Disney Interactive’s profits

With the popularity of toys into games rising it is no wonder that this idea is making money for developers and helping them to possess further earnings then they would previously. The idea of these figures promotes heavy sales for these companies because of how cool they are and how much people want them for the games to improve their experience. Last year Disney Infinity was released from Disney Interactive and prior to the games release for the previous year Disney interactive was facing a $58 Million loss however it seems since Disney Infinity launched Disney Interactive has seen a turnaround of $29 Million in profit.

The ideas presented by all the different characters and the brilliant game as well are what helped Disney Interactive, I mean who doesn’t want to have their own Mater or Jack Skellington or even Mickey Mouse.

The boost in sales hasn’t just been attributed to Disney Infinity, free to play Mobile games such as Disney Tsum Tsum and Frozen Free Fall also proved successful.

Source: Shacknews

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