Tankfest 2020 Livestreams Tank Demonstrations For the First Time

The history fanatics at Wargaming, responsible for online PvP games such as World of TanksWorld of Warplanes, and World of Warships have had a long relationship with The Tank Museum in Dorset, England.  The museum holds over 300 different pieces from across 26 countries, ranging from the first armor units to roll across the trenches of WWI to the current Main Battle Tank of the British Royal Army, the Challenger 2.  And for their part, Wargaming has been an enthusiastic donor and supporter of The Tank Museum, even going so far as to create a specialty unit for their Premium Shop, the German Tiger 131 tank, with the proceeds going directly to the museum.

But with the COVID-19 pandemic cutting back on live events, the usual Tankfest event put on by The Tank Museum and Wargaming has obviously been curtailed.  Normally, the event includes a live demonstration of the tanks.  But this year, the Arena Show live demonstration went on Twitch, with commentary from Wargaming’s Head of Military Relations (Europe) Richard Cutland and Tank Museum curator David Willey.

In a press release prior to the event, Cutland stated, “It is a privilege for us to be able to support this event, something that we have been involved with over a number of years. By using our digital and publishing experience, we are excited to help educate our audiences on the amazing history of these tanks, and are lucky to work with the educational professionals at The Tank Museum to conserve this fascinating history. From the tank comparisons to exciting in-game events for players, this will be the most multi-faceted Tankfest ever!”

The director of The Tank Museum, Richard Smith, also had this to say, “We are so pleased to be able to bring this event to our fans, even in light of such difficult times. World of Tanks has allowed us to create an online Tankfest experience that will bring our famous Arena Show to life for fans across the world – whilst their fundraising efforts will allow us to show our collection for many years to come!”

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