Tearaway Unfolded could be releasing in summer

Tearaway was originally a Playstation Vita exclusive brought to us by Little Big Planet creator Media Molecule, during Gamescon 2014 Sony and Media Molecule confirmed the game would be coming to the Playstation 4 as Tearaway Unfolded however no release date was provided outside of a potential 2015.

Of course the absence of knowledge on this games release date could have been accidentally released in a brief tease by Media Molecules head of audio Kenneth Young in a tweet. More specifically Young was mentioning leaving the company but news on Tearaway Unfolded’s release date was teased.

“I’ll be working with my friends here [Media Molecule] until we ship Tearaway Unfolded this summer. Then I’m going to have a rest!” Young said on his personal Twitter account.

For those who have played the original Vita version of Tearaway and wondering if it would be worth playing it again on the Playstation 4 then the answer should be yes. At Gamescon 2014 it was announced this was not a straight port and a variety of changes and upgrades were being done. Changes, tweaks and enhancements include a higher resolution, better frame rate, and a new control scheme.

Still at this point we don’t know about an official release date for Tearaway Unfolded but Summer could be a great time and I imagine we should find out more soon.

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