Tecmo Koei hopes to sell 1 million copies of Hyrule Warriors

It seems a lot of game studios at the moment are announcing their goals of what they want to sell for specific games, just yesterday we found out that Ubisoft hopes to shift 6.3 million copies of Watch Dogs which seems like a very probable goal, now Tecmo Koei is telling us how many units they hope to sell of their upcoming game Hyrule Warriors.

In an interview with Nikkei Trendy, Tecmo Koei Games president Yoichi Erikawa was asked about the company’s goal for the next fiscal year.

Erikawa started out by discussing Tecmo Koei’s theme of “IP Creation and Deployment”. He pointed to major titles, large collaborations, and continuing to grow collaborations abroad. There seems to be interest in television, comics, novels, and movies. You may remember that various media efforts were announced when Tecmo Koei and Nintendo confirmed the new Fatal Frame game for Wii U.

Erikawa later went on to discuss Hyrule Warriors, of which he said Tecmo Koei hopes will sell over one million copies worldwide given the popularity of the Zelda and Warriors brands.

Erikawa told Nikkei Trendy:

In gaming, this is a first-time collaboration. As a new entry in the Warriors series, we plan to release the game Hyrule Warriors in collaboration with Nintendo in the summer of this year. In addition to our Warriors series fan base, Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda is also a very popular series with a large fan base, and I think it will become a great new market. Because of The Legend of Zelda’s legion of fans overseas, we are aiming to sell more than one million copies worldwide.

I see the sales Tecmo Koei wants as extremely reasonable, I fell with the popularity of both the Warrior franchise and Nintendo’s Zelda, good sales could be expected, I for one am looking forward to Hyrule Warriors and do plan to get but I really need E3 to tell me something substantial about the game to make me stop being weary of the game, then I expect sales to be good after a really good trailer.

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