Tekken Adds Anna Williams and Lei Wulong with Launch of Season 2

Tekken 7 is entering its second season on Sept. 6, adding a variety of gameplay changes as well as two familiar characters to the roster. The second season pass is slated for six new characters, with the first two being Anna Williams and Lei Wulong.

Anna and Lei have been with Tekken for years, with Anna making her debut in the first game and Lei joining the fight in the second title.

Anna Williams hails from Ireland and is an expert in the assassination arts, which is a combination of Koppojutsu and Aikido. She was trained along with her sister Nina Williams, another prominent character in the Tekken series, by their father Richard Williams, who also was an assassin from a very young age. She has served as Kazuya Mishima’s bodyguard, but Anna is most known for her rivalry with Nina. The two sisters blame each other for their father’s mysterious death.

Lei Wulong is a Hong Kong police officer who winds up investigating the Mishima Zaibatsu (Heihachi Mishima’s conglomerate). He is a tribute to the renowned Jackie Chan and is a master of the five animals Shaolin martial arts. The trailer reveals a rugged Lei Wulong who still has skills to give his opponents a run for their money.

Both Lei Wulong and Anna Williams will be playable on Sept. 6 and will cost $4.99 each. A price for all of the downloadable content for season 2 can be bought in a season pass, costing customers $25.99.

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