Tekken Tag Tournament 2 At GameStop Expo

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was pretty fun, but maybe it’s because I beat Moises three times in a row. Graphics were great though and every kick and punch thrown felt dynamic. I would be a great way to releive stress after a hard day without actually hitting someone. Unless you lose.

From a panda to an old Asian martial arts master, and of course a few scanily clad women, there’s a vast number of characters to choose from. TT2 boasts an amazing 50 playable characters on the consoles. Michelle Chang, Angel, Ancient Ogre, and Kunimitsu are all bonus characters for pre-order, but only for a limited time. Then they will eventually be made available absolutely free via PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

The characters are easy to handle. There are also new features like Tag Assault, which allows a partner to jump in the fight during a combo to extend it and add his or her own spin on it. Then there’s the new Tag Crash. Tag Crash is a special tag-in that allows your partner to swing into the action from above. The intros before the fights are as lame as always, but nothing you can’t skip.

Tekken is as it always has been: A great game to kick people’s butt without really doing it; an arcade classic. The release date is set for September 11 for the PS3 and the X360.

[youtube id=”7_zqCOsI47o” width=”560″ height=”315″]

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