Tezuka personally wants to see Mario Sunshine sequel and Majora’s Mask for 3DS, but doesn’t have any info

I have always loved what is most of Nintendo’s willingness to revisit old games, classic Nintendo 64 games, Super Nintendo, Gameboy and even the Gamecube. While there are several games I would love to see remade more particularly there are two games that many of us call for a remake or a follow up for and this is exactly what Nintendo’s Takashi Tazuka has made reference to. Tezuka was asked if he thought there would be any chance of a Super Mario Sunshine sequel or even a Majora’s Mask 3D.

Tezuka responded by saying – off the record – that he wishes Nintendo could explore these kinds of ideas. “I personally would like to enjoy those again,” he noted “but I don’t have any information.”

What do you think of this idea, I am glad that one of the people at Nintendo are willing and wanting to see these ideas done and I really hope they do, now we just need Donkey Kong 64.


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