The Case of the Golden Idol: Case 2 Guide

A new indie hit, The Case of the Golden Idol puts players into the role of a detective tasked with solving a series of mysteries all connected by the titular golden idol. Each chapter of the game features multiple puzzles that, when put together, provide the solution for that chapter’s mystery. This guide covers all needed clues to solve the puzzles in the game’s second case, titled “The Untimely Passing of a Rural Gentleman.”


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There are 16 clues in this chapter. They can be broken into the following categories: names of people, locations, activities, and causes of death. The clues are:

Sebastian Cloudsley (people) Blackfield Crowtower Woodshire (locations) dining hunting researching (activities) combustion head horse ladder lead poisoning spontaneous wound (causes of death)

Puzzle Solutions

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Sebastian Cloudsley can easily be identified, as he is the only person present in the scene.

Next, identify the three outfits Cloudsley wore during the day. He is shown eating food while wearing the blue outfit, so that must be his dining attire. The white outfit is stained with mysterious chemicals and has tools in the pocket, so it makes sense that that is the research attire. By process of elimination, the outfit Cloudsley’s corpse is wearing can only be his hunting attire.

Since he died in his hunting attire and his horse is shown running around outside the mansion, it makes sense that he died when he fell from his horse. Therefore, a head wound is the only cause of death that makes sense.

Before filling in the chapter’s scroll, there is one more piece of information that needs to be identified: where Cloudsley lives. Three locations are shown on a map in this case. Because water can be seen outside of Cloudsley’s window, and Blackfield is the only location near a body of water, he must be the Lord of Blackfield.

With this information, you can fill out the scroll and complete the case. This case’s scroll reads:

“Sebastian Cloudsley, Lord of Blackfield, passed away in his bed. The cause of death was a head wound which occurred when he fell from his horse while he was hunting.”

Now, you have solved “The Untimely Passing of a Rural Gentleman” and can move on to the next case. Be sure to check out GameLuster’s other guides for puzzle solutions for every chapter of The Case of the Golden Idol.

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