The Development and Legacy of World of Warcraft – Game Busters Podcast

Nirav and Alyssa are joined by local Horde defectors Momo and Matt to dive into the history, legacy and development cycle of Blizzard’s colossal MMO World of Warcraft! Put on your Night Elf Crowns or whatever it is they wear and venture with us through a super smooth pitch meeting, some developer interviews, and the horrors of actually running an MMO. My character is a Pandarian role-playing as Kung Fu Panda, what’s it to you?

Every week, Nirav and Alyssa are joined by a panel of self-proclaimed  experts for a deep dive into the history and legacy of a specific game   or franchise. Find us at on Twitter!    Find Nirav on Twitter @gandheezy and Alyssa @GoBalysstic !

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