The Division’s 1.2 update has no set release date, the studio wants to ensure it is “rock solid”

Ubisoft Massive’s The Division has seen a lot of issues since launch that have affected the game, since the original 1.1 update the company has been working to fix any new problems that have surfaced, and laid out how it plans to make the upcoming 1.2 patch “rock-solid” as a result.

Yesterday the company held a State of the Game livestream following this community developer Yannick Banchereau said that 1.1’s troubled release was down to the studio’s pre-release checks: “There was testing,” he explained, “but obviously the process was not good enough because there are some bugs that made it through that shouldn’t have.”

These bugs that got through included many game breaking issues that have really started ruining the experience, daily missions have failed to update, multiple exploits surfaced, and a big issue that removed some Xbox One players characters, just to name a few of the worst. Luckily, most of these have been addressed and taken care of, and to counter for the trouble compensation has been given to affected players.

Banchereau has now said the studio has learned from its mistakes, and due to this has not placed a release date on the 1.2 update to ensure that they can get things right and that they are not rushed in ensuring quality control. He stated:

“The processes have been updated and we want to make sure 1.2 is really tested correctly and there are no obvious things that are making it through, so that’s the reason why, so far, we’re not giving any dates [on its release]”

Fellow community developer Hamish Bode explained that that testing is ongoing:

“It’s currently in the testing phase, and obviously we know that testing for this patch especially is really, really important. We don’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past, we want 1.2 to be rock-solid, so that’s the focus right now.”

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