Sure, there might be nothing that takes us back to the glory days of Pokémon Blue like just playing the actual game does. In fact, maybe we should go blitz that for an hour or so. Anyway, that’s not to say that there aren’t a ton of games around at the moment that are either made by Pokémon, or are totally inspired by it. So without further ado, here are some of the best games to play at the moment that give out total Pokémon vibes.

Pokémon Slot Online

There are lots of slots online that remind us of Pokémon, after all, on many of the GameBoy games it is possible to play on slot machines. However, Pokémon Slot Online is probably our favorite. This cute and colorful slot allows you to battle with some of the original characters like Charmander and Meowth. Although it’s great seeing all of the new generations of Pokémon, sometimes it’s nice to return to its routes. Those who already know how slot games work will be able to pick up and play straight away, but even for beginners it is a super simple interface. Click the button to spin the reels and wait and see if you match some symbols. If you do then it could be jackpot time.


Although it was only released in January of this year, Temtem has already been making waves. Its characters are nothing short of adorable and remind us of some of the more recent generations of Pokémon. The thing that really sets Temtem apart from Pokémon is its heavy focus on collaboration. Being a massive online multiplayer, working as a cooperative is a strong focus of the game. You’ll progress much more quickly and be able to get your hands on a much wider range of Temtems if you work as a team. This one is definitely not a game for the lone wolves, but if you want a proper change from Pokémon, but don’t want to let go of cute cartoon animals then this game is a must-buy.


This game incorporates the creature collecting element of Pokémon that we all love, but adds a little more depth to it. At its core, Ooblets is a farming game, allowing you to take care of a patch of land, collaborate with your neighbors and collect cute creatures along the way. For those of us who longed to own a house in Lavender Town, or wanted to cultivate an area of wild grass in the original Pokémon games, Ooblets makes those dreams come true. Again, this is another fairly new release, with its initial release date right in the middle of 2020. It’s had longer to really be tested out than Temtem has and it seems to have passed with flying colors. You can play Ooblets on Windows or Xbox One and the good news is you don’t need to have a terribly high-spec PC to enjoy it. So go forth and get collecting.

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