We’re Getting A Cozy Life Sim Set In The Shire From Lord Of The Rings

While The Lord of The Rings is infamous for its thrilling adventures, deep lore, mythology and epic scenes of battle and combat, there is probably one part from the books and movies that gets overlooked; and that is the humble Hobbit. For years, fans have been asking for a game set in The Shire that would let them live out their cozy fantasies, and it would seem it has finally been answered with the first trailer of Tales of the Shire: A The Lord of the Rings Game.

As you could tell by the title, Tales of the Shire: A The Lord of the Rings Game will take place in The Shire, more specifically, the town of Bywater; a brand new town that has yet to be an established village in Hobbiton. The game will primarily focus on players living their cozy life, growing crops, tending to livestock and befriending neighbors as you all prepare by the Bywater Festival.

The game will be published by Take-Two-owned Private Division and developed by Wētā Workshop Game Studio. For those of you unfamiliar with Private Division, they are a part of the Embracer Group and it is likely that Tales of the Shire: A The Lord of the Rings Game is just one of the many gaming projects set in the ‘The Lord of The Rings’ universe that is in development.

Understandably, many long-time fans of Tolkien’s works are likely to be hesitant in the project, but they can rest assured. Wētā Workshop Game Studio has been given “the broadest creative license to interpret the underlying lore of the books.” There’s a chance it will stay true at least to some degree with the lore of the series, thanks to the promise of “iconic characters and familiar Hobbit families” from the books.

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