The History and Development of Pikmin – Game Busters Podcast

You want content? You got it, you disgusting leeches. In this episode, we’re joined by Annie and Ben, who are siblings with each other, but not Nirav, to talk all about Nintendo’s real-time strategy adventure series Pikmin! Nirav scurries through the forest of the Wikipedia page for scraps of information for this episode he didn’t plan. Will he be able to defeat the Bulborb that is quality content? Join us and find out!

Every week, Nirav, Alyssa, and a panel of self-proclaimed experts bring you game development deep dives, spoilercasts, Good Games Inc specials where we turn your audience suggestions into game ideas and much more!  Find us at on Twitter! Find Nirav on Twitter @gandheezy and Alyssa @GoBalysstic !

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