Gaming Genres to Look Out for in 2022

As we enter 2022, gaming continues to be a hugely popular hobby and an equally lucrative industry worldwide. This year, the sector is projected to increase to an estimated $196 billion in revenue, combining mobile gaming, PC gaming, and console gaming. However, regardless of the device a gamer uses to engage, there’s no doubt that major growth will define the future.

Technological innovations are a leading reason for progression, as smarter concepts and graphics become more common throughout different titles. So, out of the many gaming genres out there, what are some of the most popular today? Here we take a look at four that are among the top played.

First-Person Shooter Games

Call of Duty, need I say more? This first-person shooter (FPS) game series is largely what put the genre on the map and is now played by millions of active gamers from countries across the globe. The franchise, like other FPS titles of its kind, relies on players battling other opponents in a combat-style setting from a first-person perspective.

The genre is favored due to its high-action and visually stimulating qualities that allow the user to feel fully immersed. Nowadays, there are many different FPS games, whether for mobile, PC, or console, that transport players to realistic scenes as they attempt to get the perfect shot.

Card Games

As previously stated, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. This has allowed the gaming industry to be able to offer players certain games in the virtual realm that were once only possible in the physical realm. Card games are a great representation of this, encompassing everything from strategic table games like poker to trading card titles like Magic: The Gathering Arena.

In both instances, formats of the classic activity have been adapted to thrive in the digital space, with first-person views and detailed card illustrations that ensure players won’t miss out on a single thing even when playing online. Additionally, learning material makes games like these even more accessible for new virtual users. For example, helpful guides on how to play poker are often available in the same place as where the game is offered; likewise, Magic gameplay online is clearly laid out for beginner players or those who need a refresher. These are just two examples from a genre that contains dozens of different games, so there is sure to be something for every preference and card-playing style.

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What’s your favorite gaming genre?

Racing Games

While some gamers may consider racing games to be old-school, dominating the mid-90s gaming scene, these titles are making a come back with new and improved visuals and gameplay experiences. For example, the award-winning franchise Gran Turismo is slated to have a new release as soon as March and is already being called one of the best driving games yet.

Games like these are interactive and entertaining, giving players the option to choose from a large selection of hundreds of cars with high-resolution backgrounds to match. Also, driving games are some of the best titles to play with friends as they provide a socially dynamic competitive experience that is difficult to rival.

Sports Games

Sports games don’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon, especially those brought to players by big franchises like FIFA and Madden, two of the most popular. In fact, FIFA 21 took the top spot in the UK for the biggest launch of 2021, proving its place as a best-selling series in the world of next-generation sports games.

Ground-breaking graphics are largely what continues to push the genre forwards, with releases that feature real, human-like players competing on virtual courts, football fields, hockey rinks, and more. With a new year of opportunity for developers and designers, sports games are set to become smarter and more realistic than ever before. A few major releases to look forward to include WWE 2K22, Rugby 22, and EA Sports PGA Tour.


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