The Innsmouth Case Comes To Nintendo Switch

Fancy a shot at being Sherlock Holmes? Well close enough! The Innsmouth Case is coming to Switch, allowing you to take the role of detective wrapped in a mysterious case which you are tasked with solving.

In this detective adventure, you help a frantic mother who wants you to uncover what happened to the missing little Tabitha Marsh. You must meet with a whole bunch of suspicious and unsavory characters to uncover clues to bring you closer to solving your assignment. All of this is happening against the backdrop of Innsmouth, a remote fishing village. And let’s just say Innsmouth is not the kind of place you want to be spending more time in than you need to

From Robot Pumpkin Games, the game made its debut back in June 2020, performing well on PC and mobile. It is available now to play on Nintendo Switch, having launched December 28.

The Innsmouth Case Promo Dahlia
The Innsmouth Case Promo Dahlia

The Innsmouth Case blends horror and humor in the an “interactive book” style game. You are also further challenged as every decision counts towards the end result. To pile on the pressure, there are multiple ways to solve the case or completely fail. In fact, there are 27 possible endings.

In the GameLuster review of The Innsmouth Case on PC, reviewer Jess said: “The Innsmouth Case oozes with charm whilst also maintaining its horror roots. Although the repetition can become tiresome, overall the game is enjoyable, well-written and captivating.”

The game is inspired by the quirky horror literary works of H.P. Lovecraft, so you know you are in for a spooky tale. The eagle eyed amongst you would have picked up on the title itself alluding to Lovecraft’s The Shadow over Innsmouth.

The Innsmouth Case will usually cost $14.99 in the Switch store, but as a holiday deal you can get 35% off for a limited time. Likewise, Steam also has 30% off for a limited time, so you can pick up this eccentric tale for ‎$8.74.

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