The Last Of Us Has Been Reimagined In Pixel-Art

The Last of Us has been reimagined as pixel art, courtesy of artist @WoostarsPixels on Twitter, Woostars Pixels has also created their own pixel-art editions of other well-known games such as Final Fantasy IXGod of WarHalf-LifeCyberpunk 2077, and even Olaf from Frozen

The animation (a style reminiscent of the days I’d spend playing Pokémon’s Diamond on the DS) is a looped gif, as seen below, but contains all the things we know and love from The Last of Us.

In what could be a pixelated reimagining of Bill’s neighborhood, the art features Joel and Ellie and a rather less menacing clicker looming close by. The art has even received praise from The Last of Us game director, Neil Druckmann.

Currently, the animation sits pretty at over 7K likes and 1.1k retweets. Fan responses have been hugely positive too, with one Twitter user saying they’d “play a whole game in that style”. 

Cyberpunk 2077’s looped animation gives us V and Keanu Reeves in the dingy streets of Night City, but alas, there are no bending trees, T-posing NPCs, or flying cars. 

On the subject of future games, recent promotions for key players within Naughty Dog’s development team suggests a new project is in the works, but with no real indication as to what it could be. 

Some fans (myself included) are wishing for a Firefly side-story if the TV adaptation fails to provide any new backstories, or even a brand-new IP altogether. Naughty Dog, at present, has more than 40 vacancies available, so it’s a sure sign they’re putting something together behind closed doors. 

In December, Druckmann was promoted to Co-President of Naughty Dog after close to three years as Vice President, while Alison Mori and Christian Gyrling were promoted to Druckmann’s former roles.

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