The Last of Us Part II Gameplay – E3 2018

The Sony press conference opened up in a warm, intimate setting: a tented church. Candles set on the stage and homely textures lined the walls.

A very touching banjo intro led into a new gameplay demonstration of The Last of Us Part II.

The trailer opened up with a story scene in a setting similar to the church that the Sony press conference was being held in. A warm romantic encounter between Ellie and Dina cut to a graphic scene of Ellie pulling a knife from a man’s throat.

The gameplay demonstration proceeded from there to showcase the game’s graphic violence, up close melee combat, and stealth. Ellie would sneak about, crouch in foliage and under cars, and then move up for an attack. She would also pull knives out of herself and out of dead bodies. On the topic of violence, a hung man, being tortured, had his intestines pulled out; this game is not for the faint of heart.

The facial animations were very expressive, and the look of the game very dark and gritty. It ended with Ellie hacking an assailant’s head. Again, it’s graphic and intense.

The gameplay demonstration cut back to Ellie and Dina, embraced, where it started, the warmth contrasting sharply with the violence just shown.

Naughty Dog is pulling no stops in telling a dramatic, intense story in The Last of Us Part II.

Check out the gameplay demonstration below. Warning: there is strong content.

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