The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D is adding “feather statues” for saving

The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask is a very good game, however notably it does have a number of issues, arguably though there is one main issue that is universally hated by most fans, this issue is the saving mechanic. For those who have played the game you will know about the owl statues, these were the only way to save the game without going back in time, to put it simply it was annoying. However it does seem like the saving mechanic is getting an overhaul with a new idea of how to save the game.

According to a product page on Amazon Germany Nintendo and Grezzo are adding something called “feather statues’. Reportedly these statues will add a better flexibility in terms of saving.

The full blurb states: “With the help of owl statues and the new feather statues, which can be found all over Termina, you can now save your adventure anytime you like”.

So saving your game has never been easier, hopefully this works out well and is as advertised. What do you think will this make your experience with the game better, please let us know in the comments.

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