The Nintendo 64 and Super Mario 64 are now officially twenty years old

There is an anniversary for things every day, but there is nothing quite as iconic as an older console, and one of the biggest games to ever release for it that helped to change the face of the game industry. The Nintendo 64, and Super Mario 64 are two of the biggest things in the world and it is hard to believe that these items are now officially twenty years old, on this day in 1996 Nintendo officially brought these to Japan and what an impression they made.

I like to bring mention to this day to commemorate the Nintendo 64 more then anything, this console has been a huge part of my gaming life and I grew up playing the console like many others. I also played Super Mario 64 however that was not until something like 2000, and I never worked out how to get far until a few years later. Either way these were huge and a big part of many lives and we can respect just how much work Nintendo put to bringing us these systems and games, and just how iconic these things were to Nintendo being where they sort of are now.

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