The Nintendo Entertainment System is now thirty years old

In the beginning there was darkness, these dark times held only one light and it was beginning to fade, the era of the arcade couldn’t last forever and Atari and Pong couldn’t sustain the home market forever. But out this darkness shone a light brighter then any that came before it, this light cried out “I am here with a mission, to pioneer an industry and bring fun to man, woman and child, I am the Nintendo Entertainment System”.

On this day in 1985, the console we lovingly call the NES touched down in our stores and revitalized an industry with many iconic ideas that we love today. Single-handedly Nintendo pioneered the gaming industry into the future allowing friends and family to play together for hours on end and have a great time doing so. Without this piece of technology we might never have had a game industry now and so we must thank Nintendo for they brought down to us, how they introduced us to the plumber hero Mario, allowed us to save the kingdom of Hyrule in the Legend of Zelda. The NES is the biggest innovation in the gaming industry without a doubt and we just need to thank it, and say on this day October 18th in 1985 we got a great, and we must say happy birthday.

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