The Rise of Arcade Gaming Bars

It has been stated that retro gamers are a waste of time for everyone and is holding the gaming industry back with developers taking less risks. However, that cannot be said for gaming bars around the world profiting from retro games in bars with people gaming through into the early hours while enjoying drinks, usually themed around gaming references, and reminiscing about how much better gaming was in the old days as opposed to know…in their opinion.

What game platforms are in the bars?

With gaming consoles quickly being added to the name retro there are an abundance of platforms that you will find in gaming bars. Those include arcade style platforms alongside the likes of the NES and SNES, PlayStation One, Sega Megadrive and even in some bars Xbox.

It is also not unlikely to find the PS4 and Xbox One being used for more co-op games such as FIFA and other sports/driving games where you can play one another.

What makes them popular?

There is a great element of fun surrounding these bars and one that brings people together. Usually you will either pay a fee for unlimited access to the games but it can be the case you will buy tokens for the experience leaving you to make the choice of which game you want to play.

With gaming bars brimmed mainly full of stand up arcade games with the classics usually residing like Tekken, Street Fighter, Donkey Kong, Bubble Bobble, Track and Field, Pacman and many others. This instantly makes them popular with kids of the 80s and early 90s who would regularly visit arcades to spend their hard earned pocket money.

However, the next generation of kids were more nostalgic for console types of games. With people wanting to play the likes of Mario (in any form), Sonic, Tony Hawk’s and Zelda, they still can have that experience at many gaming bars.

The vibe

When you enter a gaming bar the animosity is instantly gone. When you are in the bar there is no bad mood as there is usually some fantastic music playing, craft beer on tap and fantastic retro theming all around the bar to take you back to happier times. Some may even look to the best betting offers that their friends are willing to give them to see who can beat their score!

The vibe can only be described as one of happiness and one of people just there for a good time. Rarely does an argument breakout and nor do fights occur…unless you are playing Street Fighter!

Will the hype continue?

Why will it not? There will certainly always be games and there will always be people who want to play older games. Especially with the news that Ubisoft are dropping online services for games older than 15 years old, this means there is a new line of retro games to be played sooner rather than later.

Gamers will want to find a place where they want to play the games they love but also the next generation of gamers will want to play the historic games that have set their gaming ways today.

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