The Sack Is Back: Sackboy A Big Adventure Announced for PlayStation 5

An extremely unexpected (yet quite delightful!) character made an appearance during Sony’s PlayStation5-focused “Future of Gaming” event. Who could this charming creature be? Why, it’s none other than Sackboy, the beloved protagonist of the Little Big Planet series, who hasn’t been seen since appearing in two 2014 titles: Little Big Planet 3 and endless runner Run, Sackboy, Run.

Now, the adorable cloth adventurer is making the leap to PlayStation 5 with Sackboy: A Big Adventure. (Sadly, developer Sumo Digital seems to have missed their chance to utilize the punny title “A LITTLE Big Adventure”). This 3D platformer, a change from its “2.5D” predecessors, stars Sackboy as he travels through a variety of colorful, creative levels across a bright, vibrant world. The game will support both single-player and up to 4-person multiplayer experiences. Alternate player characters include an adorable purple variation on sometimes co-protagonist Sackgirl.

A Big Adventure was developed using the Unreal Engine and will feature a variety of perspectives and ranges of motion.

The game’s official reveals trailer shows off a lot of exciting features, such as Sackboy taking down enemies, swinging through the trees, and sliding around on icy surfaces. It is important to note, however, that no level creator or designer was shown off during the trailer. Previously, the Little Big Planet series has focused on creativity, with players developing and sharing their levels as part of a bustling online community. It is unknown whether A Big Adventure will contain similar creation or customization options, or whether the move to 3D will result in a greater focus on pre-created levels.

No release date was announced for Sackboy: A Big Adventure, but it was announced during the event as a PlayStation exclusive.

Are you excited to see Sackboy return on the PlayStation 5? Let us know!

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