The Shredder – Warzone’s Deadly Yet Musical Weapon

There is a weapon available in Warzone with a playable keyboard. Yes, believe it or not, the Shredder, perhaps one of the most unique weapons within the battle royale has the capability of not only killing opponents but also producing a short melodic tune as you move throughout Verdansk.

The Shredder, which in reality is a superpowered version of the FAMAS assault rifle, is available via the in-game Warzone store, costing you 2,400 Call of Duty Points ($19.99) if you purchase the Music Legend Mastercraft Bundle.

Streamer jackfrags demonstrates the weapon in action after selecting it from a loadout. That being said, do not underestimate this piece of hardware, as it packs a serious punch if you unload on an opponent. So in case you were hoping to entertain your teammates with some musical tunes or pass the time as you camp out in the farmyards, the Shredder could be the ideal solution.

Other items within the Music Legend Mastercraft Bundle include an Amped Up pistol Blueprint, (a speaker is embedded into the grip of a pistol), and a rockstar outfit for Wolf. There’s a Soul Searcher watch, the Center Stage motorcycle custom skin, the Rift vehicle horn, Super Disco weapon charm, a Battle Shredder Emblem, and a Cultural Export Calling Card.

In other Call of Duty news, the ‘80s Action Heroes event, which introduces John McClane and Rambo as operators, launches tonight, (May 19), exclusive in the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Store from May 19 at 9 PM PT until June 18 at 9 PM PT.

It was previously reported that Activision had cut ties with Call of Duty voice actor Jeff Leach, (best known for his role as Ghost), after a series of misogynistic and sexist comments from streams and interviews came to light.

In response, streamer TheZombiUnicorn reached out to ask Facebook and Activision why they’d maintained partnerships with Leach, describing the situation as “frustrating” and “exhausting”.

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