The Most Popular Study Games for Students [Sponsored Post]

The Most Popular Study Games for Students

For a lot of students, studying all day, every day can feel extremely frustrating and boring. As a teacher, you can make education more enjoyable for your students by making games part of your lessons.

When it comes to games, there are countless options for you to choose from. No matter what age your students are in, there are games to play. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular study games for students to include in your lesson plans.


Games for children

Children love playing games! In class, you can play guessing games, racing games, and even games that involve movement. Children enjoy physical games the most as these allow them to move, dance, and have fun.

At home, you can suggest to the parents of your students to download educational apps that will help with their learning. Some popular examples of educational apps for children are ABCMouse, Adventure Academy, and Creativity Express!


Games for high school students

If you are teaching high school students, you have to think of more creative activities to keep them engaged and interested. In class, you can play teambuilding games, you can hold competitions, and you can even have scavenger hunts.

Since students of this age group are always on their phones and tablets anyway, you can make suggestions too. This time, instead of suggesting educational apps to your students’ parents, you can make suggestions to your students directly.

Some great examples of games to suggest are Geoguessr, which teaches culture, geography, and critical thinking; Little Alchemy, which teaches perseverance, systems thinking, and creativity; and Dragon Box, which teaches algebra.

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Although games are an important part of your lessons, you shouldn’t forget to assign work to your students too. For instance, if you teach college students, you can assign writing work like an essay or a research paper.

These tasks will take your students away from gaming even though they are only playing study games. For students who struggle with writing assignments, you can suggest Study Clerk – law research paper writing service for college students to help them out. That way, they won’t feel stressed with the overwhelming amount of school and college assignments they need to do regularly.

children learns work computer african girl sitting table boy girl computer science class

Games for college students

As students grow older, their interests start to change. While they still love playing games, they aren’t satisfied with simple games no matter how animatedly you explain the rules. Therefore, if you teach college students, you have to be even more creative.

Improv games are an interesting type of game to introduce to college students. You can have them play improve games individually or in groups. Brainwriting is another fun game that will hone your students’ writing skills while improving their creativity.

Then there are video games for students of this age. While most of them are probably playing online games on their phones already, you can still suggest educational games for them to try like:

  • EVE Online, which teaches real-world management skills.
  • CyberCIEGE, which teaches computer concepts like network security, operating systems, balancing budgets, and more.
  • Immune Attach, which teaches medical concepts in a fun way to awaken a student’s interest in research and science.


Games for all ages

Finally, there are certain games that you can play with students of all ages. Just modify the rules according to the age of your students. You can also modify the rules of these games to make them more interesting for your students.

One game that\s suitable for all ages is charades. This is a classic game where students will act out a certain word, phrase, or name. For children, you can have animal charades. For older students, you can play a more difficult version where they will guess the name of a movie or a concept in the subject you’re teaching.

Bingo is another game that you can play with students of all ages. Instead of numbers, you can put pictures of objects or animals on the cards for younger students. For older students, you can have them solve equations and have the answers on the bingo cards.

Finally, you can play puzzles with your students too. When it comes to puzzles, there are endless options for you to choose from. You can go online and search for puzzle worksheets or go “old school” by bringing board games to class.



School doesn’t have to be a boring thing – and you can make sure of this by playing different games with your students. Break the monotony of lessons by introducing new games in class. You can even suggest these online games to your children so they can continue their learning at home while having fun.


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