The Steam Summer Sale has begun, ends June 21

The long awaited Steam Summer Sale has begun, and will go from June 11 to June 21. This is no ordinary Summer Sale, however. Following complaints from users about the bland Winter Sale, Valve has mixed it up this time by allowing users to earn additional sales in a free in-client game called the Monster Summer Game. In an idle game similar to Cookie Clicker and Clicker Heroes, Steam users team up to battle monsters and earn upgrades to help their team. As teams progress, they will earn discounts for games, but the games that will be discounted have not been revealed yet. Players can level up their Steam Summer Sale badge to increase their abilities in the game as well.

For those of you who are new to Steam sales, make sure you don’t buy a game unless it has a Daily Deal or Flash Sale, unless it’s the final day of the sale. Although Steam does offer refunds now, playing the game you bought for more than 2 hours will void its eligibility for a refund, so it’s still better to wait, because a game’s price is at its lowest on a Daily Deal or Flash Sale.

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