The Witcher 3 getting the third and fourth pieces of free downloadable content this week

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is currently one of the biggest and most popular games around after its recent release, and for those playing the game there is already plenty of hours of content with the developers at CD Projekt Red constantly claiming there is over 200 hours worth of content in the basic game. Of course there is more then that if you include all the extra content that is inbound, later this week the game is set to have some free downloadable content arrive for the game.

In the future the game is set to have at least sixteen free pieces of downloadable content arrive, last week the first two pieces of this content arrive which provided players with the Temerian Armor Set available from a merchant in White Orchard and an extensive array of additional beards and hairstyles for Geralt.

This week the third and fourth pieces of downloadable content will arrive which according to CD Projekt Red will provide the player with a new Witcher contract. The contract itself will be called “missing miners” which within you will be tasked with discovering why the miners are disappearing from a small village near Skellige. The other piece of bonus content will see a new look for Yennefer.

In the coming weeks more is set to be added to the Witcher 3 including two sizable expansions to extend upon the already available 200 hours in the game.


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