The Witness unlikely for the Wii U, but could be a possibility for Nintendo’s next system

Jonathon Blow’s latest game The Witness has recently released to a great amount of respect on the Playstation 4, PC, and IOS, given how much the game has been loved it is no wonder people would want it on their console of choice such as the Wii U. When the game was first announced back in 2013 the door was left open for a Wii U version, now in 2016 this door has been closed as has been discovered thanks to someone asking if the game would come to the Wii U. However with one door closed another is still possibly going to open as Blow has stated that a Wii U version is unlikely, but they will see on the next Nintendo console.

Here is what was said:

Would you ever consider porting The Witness to the Wii U? I feel like this game would be right at home there.

Blow responded to the question by saying:

It is unlikely that we could do it on the Wii U but we will see about the next Nintendo console.

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