The World Ends With You Makes Switch Port Release Date Announced

Square Enix and Jupiter Corporation’s Nintendo DS classic The World Ends With You is being ported to the Nintendo Switch, and the release date is now set for October 12. The upcoming title, The World Ends With You: Final Remix, was revealed by Nintendo early this year. A trailer accompanied by the upbeat music that the game incorporates was also shown during the launch date announcement.

The World Ends With You has been adapted to different platforms over time. It originally launched in Japan back in July of 2007 for Nintendo DS. Then it was released for North America in April of 2008 for the same platform. In 2012, it was ported to mobile, and now it will be playable for the Switch, more than 10 years after the original release.

You may have not heard about this urban fantasy action RPG, but that’s alright. We will fill in some blanks for you. The game was influenced by Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, which was also developed by Jupiter. The character designs are even reminiscent of Kingdom Hearts, but unlike Kingdom Hearts, The World Ends With You: Final Remix is in 2-D. 

The combat system revolves around the music of the game, which now has a remixed sound track (hence the “Remix” in the title). In other words, the button action will be in sync with the rhythm of the music. Developers made it this way so players will be more absorbed in the action of the game.

The World Ends With You: Final Remix will be available October 12 for the Nintendo Switch. If you’re curious and would like to try the original version, it is already available for the DS.

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