Third-Person Spectator Mode In Warzone: A Gift or a Curse?

If you’re like me, you’ve likely reached the last ten in a Warzone battle royale match, only to be picked off right at the death. Alternatively, you’ve been bested on the battlefield and in hindsight realise it could have been easily avoided (that’s me every single time).

Sometimes, I’ll decide to spectate the player responsible for my death and wait to see how the rest of their match unfolds, praying with fingers crossed that they’ll soon meet their maker. Now, players are beginning to notice a third-person spectator mode within Warzone

The third-person mode gives the player full control of their actions and grants them a wider perspective of the match. Best of all, they may see dangers that the player on the ground does not. Raven Software has noted however that a third-player mode does encroach on some fair-play issues. 

You can now spectate someone in third-person view.
by u/Potatofrags in CODWarzone

The most notable issue would be the unfair disadvantage it could give teams of players. Other members of the team could provide information about unseen opponents or the flash of a sniper lurking in the hills. As it turns out, Raven has confirmed that players will be unable to spectate their friends in third-person mode, only enemies. 

The footage shows the third-person mode in action. It’s a short clip, but it perfectly exemplifies how useful this mode could be, potentially making the difference between winning or losing a match. As Raven has yet to make an official announcement about the feature, there is speculation across the Warzone Reddit that the feature is merely a bug, with the majority of people voicing opinions against the mode. It appears several Redditors discovered the third-person perspective before, and never again since.  

Meanwhile, in other Call of Duty news, a recent report from ModernWarzone suggests that the forthcoming Call Of Duty title due later this year will be named Call Of Duty WWII: Vanguard. Nothing’s set in stone yet, but a wave of theories and leaks indicate that the new title will return to World War Two. 

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