THQ Sells some Pieces of its Company , Breakdown Below from the auction

Now that THQ bankruptcy keeps moving on, they had an auction selling of their properties and studios and below is the list of winners. Some have backup bidders incase the the winner fails to deliver. One of the most notables missing entries is Darksiders and Vigil Games, which failed to get any bids and the studio has become defunct as of today.


Relic (studio) and Company of Heroes (IP)
Winning bid: $26.6 million – Sega Corporation
Backup bidder: $26.3 million – Zenimax Media

THQ Montreal (studio), with 1666 (IP) and Underdog (IP)
Winning bid: $2.5 million – Ubisoft
Backup bidder: N/A

Evolve (IP) aka Metamorphosis
Winning bid: $10.894 million – Take-Two Interactive
Backup bidder: $250,000 Turtle Rock Studios, Inc.

Volition (studio) and Saints Row (IP)
Winning bid: $22.3 million – Koch Media GmbH (Deep Silver)
Backup bidder: $5.4 million – Ubisoft

Homefront (IP)
Winning bid: $544,218 – Crytek GmbH
Backup bidder: N/A

Metro (license), which includes 2033 and 2034
Winning bid: $5,877,551 – Koch Media GmbH (Deep Silver)
Backup bidder: $5.175 million – Ubisoft

South Park: The Stick of Truth (license)
Winning bid: $3,265,306 – Ubisoft
Backup bidder: N/A


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