So Respawn have kept rather quiet about their upcoming game Titanfall. We have only seen a couple trailers, and a beta that didn’t show much, Obviously for good reason too.

But it seems the closer we get to Titanfall’s release the more Data Miners appear, and look like they just hit Gold with this!

Just before i show you all the abilities, unlocks, maps, achievements and Game-modes, i would like to say that this is not confirmed, and Respawn has denied any comments about this post. So take a look at all of it:

Here are all the Unlocks:

R-97 Compact SMG – 6

Arc Grenade – 7

Stim – 8

Longbow-DMR Sniper – 9

Slaved Warheads – 11

Electric Smoke – 12

Fast Autoloader – 13

Warpfall Transmitter – 14

Plasma Railgun – 16

Satchel Charge – 17

G2A4 Rifle – 18

Active Radar Pulse – 19

Arc Cannon – 21

Mag Launcher Anti-Titan – 22

Core Extender – 22

Cluster Missile – 24

Particle Wall – 26

B3 Wingman – 27

Triple Threat – 28

Hemlok BF-R – 29

Arc Mine – 31

Multi-Target Missile System – 32

Charge Rifle Anti-Titan – 33

C.A.R.SMG – 34

Run N Gun Kit – 36

Dead Man’s Trigger – 37

Dash Quickcharger – 38

Spitfire LMG – 39

Big Punch – 41

Quick Reload Kit – 42

Icepick – 43

Kraber-AP Sniper – 44

Tactical Reactor – 46

Core Accelerator – 47

Stealth Kit – 48

Guardian Chip – 49


Here are all the Abilities:

Fast Autoloader
This advanced autoload mechanism replenishes your Titan Ordnance faster, making your Titan’s Ordnance available more frequently.

Auto Eject
The Auto-Eject system automatically ejects you as soon as your Titan is doomed. You will also cloak briefly on ejection, whether or not you have the Cloak ability as a Pilot.

Dead Man’s Trigger
The Dead Man’s Trigger auto-detonates all of your planted explosives when you are killed.

The ‘Icepick’ is a modified Data Knife that increases the speed with which you can hack Spectres and turret control panels.

Power Cell
The Power Cell accelerates the recharging of your Pilot’s Tactical Ability.

Guardian Chip
This upgraded targeting system allows your Auto-Titan to engage enemies with much greater accuracy.

Run N Gun Kit
The Run N Gun Kit allows you to fire small arms such as pistols and SMGs while sprinting.

Explosives Pack
The Explosives Pack increases your Ordnance ammo capacity as a Pilot.

Quick Reload Kit
The Quick Reload Kit accelerates the reload speeds of all your Pilot weapons.

Stealth Kit
The Stealth Kit makes your footsteps silent, and makes your jump kit exhaust nearly invisible.

Enhanced Parkour Kit
The Enhanced Parkour Kit allows you to wallrun and wallhang for increased periods of time.

Warpfall Transmitter
The Warpfall Transmitter accelerates your Titanfall substantially, using short-range jump technology.

Dome-Shield Battery
This piece of kit extends the duration of your Titan’s Dome-Shield after Titanfall.

Minion Detector
The Minion Detector displays both friendly and enemy Grunts and Spectres on your minimap at all times.

Tactical Reactor
This kit makes your Titan’s Tactical Ability recharge faster. The Tactical Abilities are Vortex Shield, Electric Smoke, and Particle Wall.

Regen Booster
Your Titan is able to regenerate its bodyshield at a faster rate than normal.

Dash Quickcharger
Your Titan’s dash system recharges at a faster rate, allowing you to dash more frequently.

Nuclear Ejection
After you eject, your Titan briefly charges and then detonates its nuclear core, dealing massive amounts of damage to all nearby enemies.

Big Punch
Your Titan’s melee attack power is significantly increased, inflicting greater damage than normal, and knocking enemies back further.

Core Extender
The Core Extender allows any Titan’s Core Ability to remain active for an extended period of time.

Core Accelerator
The Core Accelerator makes your Titan’s Core Ability charge more quickly.

Your Titan will lose health at a slower rate when doomed, allowing you to fight longer before having to abandon the Titan.


Here are all the Achievements:



And finally all the Maps:

Thanks to Reddit user no1dead and many other people diging out this information!

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