Top 10 Hats in Gaming

Hats are great. They make you look cool, confident, and if you’re balding, you can hide your shame. They are also a cheap and easy way to design your video game character, and can even substitute a personality if you don’t feel like writing one, or at least that’s what lazy devs tell themselves. Reasons aside, characters in video games have had hats ever since games stopped being two pixels, from beanies to baseball caps to fedoras,  there’s no end to headwear in gaming. For the sake of fairness, we’re only going to have one character and game per entry, because my list my rules. Let’s go!

10. Terry’s Trucker Hat, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

Terry Bogard Smash
Even Kirby wants it.

Okay wait, I already hear you. “But Terry’s from King of Fighters, why not pick from the most recent one? “That’s a point; not a good one, but it is a point. First off, it’s my list I can do whatever I want. Secondly, because King of Fighters XIV  has what I will kindly call an interesting art style, and I haven’t played it so we’re going with Smash. Look at this hat; seriously who produced this trucker hat? Did Terry get it custom made? It also goes perfectly with his outfit, and I mean every outfit; all of his costumes in Smash match perfectly. This absolute chad deserves nothing less.

9. Jotaro’s Hair Hat Thing, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Eyes of Heaven

Yare yare, Grandpa.

Wait this is an anime character. Well, he’s in a video game so he counts. This hat has confused the JoJo fandom for years. Where does the hat start and the hair end? For the uneducated normies, it’s not just the brim of a hat with his hair sticking out. When Jotaro takes off the hat, some of that hair stays with the hat, but some of the hair is his so, nani? Hair confusion aside, this is best Jotaro, so naturally, he deserves the best outfit he’d ever get in the series: spiky hat hair with weird gold decor. This is the icon that most people think of when they think of JoJo, except for maybe the Dio memes.

8. Ezlo, Legend of Zelda, The Minish Cap

Carry me, boy.

It’s a hat that is alive, must I say more. Link’s outfit has stayed pretty consistent throughout The Legend of Zelda series, so it’s nice that some change happens now and then. This is not a visual change, however, as Ezlo looks exactly like every other cap any Link has ever had, but he talks and is at least better than Navi. I find it hilarious that it has a name for some reason, but maybe that’s just me.

7. Captain Price’s Combat Fedora, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) 

modern warfare price
M’lady Intensifies

I don’t care what the actual name is, it’s a combat fedora to me and my opinion is the only one that matters. Nothing much else to say other than that. I think it’s a better hat than the other ones he’s had in any game, and I like how he acts like Indiana Jones with it and is always making sure it’s okay.

6. Master Chief’s helmet, Halo 4

master chief
It’s a hat

“Wait but a helmet isn’t a hat?” Yes, it is; it goes on over the head, and just happens to wrap around your face and has more protection. Chief’s helmet is the most iconic in gaming and I will 1v1 anyone who disagrees with me on that. The real problem was picking which version of his helmet to use for the list, and I know people don’t like Halo 4 all that much, so I decided to use that version here.

5. Red’s Baseball Cap, Pokemon Leaf Green

Terry before steroids.

Everyone knows that Red is superior to Ash in every way, or at least they should and they will. The best Pokemon trainer, bar none, has the cleanest fit in the series. I mean those jeans, that shirt, and of course the thing that caps it all: the hat, hehe. Also if you’re wondering why I specifically chose Leaf Green, it’s because its the version I had and if you had Fire Red,  it sucks to be you.

4. M. Bison’s Dictator Hat, Street Fighter 5

bison street fighter v
Mom always said that my face would freeze like this.

I have no idea what this hat would be named. I mean I could probably Google it, but let’s be real, only dictators would wear something like that.

3. Panda’s Hat, Tekken 7


panda tekken tekken7
Panda hitting that reverse dab.

Everyone’s favorite low-tier panda in fighting games, Panda, like the rest of the roster of Tekken 7, got a new costume, and while most of these new costumes kinda well, really sucked, I’m happy to say that Panda, despite being in a tier lower than the Mariana’s trench. got a top-tier costume upgrade. I assume that Panda raided Xiaoyu’s closet, which for some reason had a hat Panda’s size, but who cares because it has a pompom.

2. Cervantes De Leon’s Captain’s Hat, Soulcalibur 6

soulcalibur 6
My hats only get better with age

The Father of the game’s most popular character, Ivy Valentine,  his hat, like his daughter’s “assets,” have been getting bigger in every installment, with his hat in the new Soulcalibur 6 reaching ridiculous levels of bigness. Seriously, you’d think it would fall off or weigh him down or something. It must be zombie magic.

1. Luigi’s Hat, pick any game

Yo it’s lit.

Yeah, bet you thought that Mario would top this list, but let me tell you why you’re wrong. For starters, while red is a nice color, green is a lot easier on the eyes. Luigi’s hat has also been through all the troubles of Mario’s and then some. All the fighting tournaments, tennis games, and kart races, this green cap has seen it all and more. Luigi’s hat is such a part of him, that when he gets cloned, his clone is actually born with that hat. I rest my case.

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1 year ago

what about the flaming unusual team captain from tf2? I think that hat’s fame outdoes terry’s cap, and captain price’s fedora