Top 10 Octopath Traveler Songs

Following the anniversary of Octopath Traveler on July 13, publisher Square Enix has finally released its Video Game Award-nominated soundtrack on digital streaming platforms like Amazon Music and Spotify. In honor of the soundtrack’s digital release, I’d like to talk about my Top 10 songs on the Octopath Traveler Soundtrack!

Without further ado, here are my top 10 songs!

octopath traveler soundtrack
Octopath Traveler Original Soundtrack’s cover.

No. 10: Primrose, the Dancer

Primrose’s theme is as beautiful as she is, with a clear violin melody dancing throughout the whole song. I also love the incorporation of the same instruments present in the Sunlands theme, which do a good job of connecting her theme with the theme of her current home.

t10 10
Primrose in her hometown.

No. 9: Ending Theme

I love reprises, and this song is a blend of all the character themes and some location themes. It’s the perfect way to end your journey: by reminding you of all the people you’ve met, friends you’ve made, and places you’ve been.

t10 9
All the characters together.

No. 8: My Quiet Forest Home

While all of the cities have wonderful music, S’warkii has my favorite of all of them. The piano running throughout the song reminds me of glimmers of sun filtering through dense trees, and set the scene for the secluded village perfectly.

t10 8
The forest town of S’warkii.

No. 7: Beneath the Surface

This song has a beautiful melody, despite it being played in a sewer level. The deep, resonating sound of the track does an amazing job of setting the souterrain scene of this song. If I had to go crawling around a sewer, I’d definitely want to listen to this while I was doing so.

t10 7
Exploring the sewers while listening to some awesome music!

No. 6: Decisive Battle II

The miniboss theme is fast-paced and hopeful, working perfectly to set the scene of an epic battle.

t10 6
The music with the giant enemy sprite get you pumped to fight a boss.

No. 5: Battle III

I first heard this track when I had accidentally walked into an area that was much too strong for the level I was at, but this track made me just want to stay and encounter enemies anyway. Since it’s the final random battle track in the game, it really picks up in comparison to the previous battle themes. An added bonus of this song is that level grinding is way more bearable with some good background music!

t10 5
I could fight hundreds of these skeletons while listening to the battle music in the game.

No. 4: Despair

I really like the piano in this song and how it manages to convey a sense of urgency while still remaining soft and pleasing to the ear.

t10 4
Primrose with Yusufa, a character who is associated with this song.

No. 3: The Frostlands

I have such a weak spot for winter/snow area themes in video games, and the song that plays while exploring the Frostlands just blew me out of the water. I love the feeling of peace and stillness that listening to it brings me. I definitely would spend a lot of my time exploring this area just so I could listen to the music.

t10 3
Beautiful scenery with beautiful music.

No. 2: Battle at Journey’s End

This song goes hard, reminding you that you’re at the end of the road when you hear it. Just like with Decisive Battle, this song’s rhythm is inspirational, and it perfectly accompanies the climax of the characters’ journeys.

t10 2
No spoilers, but the group’s all together for the final battle.

No. 1: Octopath Traveler -Main Theme-

Of course, the main theme is number one for me. To me, the song evokes the feeling of adventure, which is in line with the focus on exploration in the gameplay. Honestly, sometimes I sit on the title screen just to listen to this song, so I’m glad I can listen to it whenever I want now!

t10 1
The title screen of Octopath Traveler.

Don’t just take my word for it though— go check out the tracks on Spotify and Amazon Music now!

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