Top 10 Video Game Bridges

Beyond being necessary to cross bodies of water, bridges are often used as iconic sights or landmarks in both movies and video games. I’ve gathered up the coolest video game bridges I could find here, mostly tied in with iconic moments that happened on or around them.

10. Hammerhead Bridge (Splatoon)


Hammerhead Bridge is one of my favorite stages in Splatoon, mostly because of its verticality. Other vertical stages like Moray Towers are fine, but suffer because of too many choke points. Hammerhead Bridge offers three vertical levels stacked on top of each other on which to traverse the map, leading to a great map for snipers to camp and rollers to paint in wide lines. Sadly, this stage didn’t make it into Splatoon 2, so its charm is forever lost to the sands of time.

9. The Bridge (Star Trek: Bridge Crew)

Star trek

The Bridge of the USS Enterprise is an iconic locale thanks to the Star Trek television shows, but you can experience the coolness of it all up close and personal with the VR game Star Trek: Bridge Crew. Look at this bridge! It doesn’t even require support beams. Astonishing craftsmanship.

8. Arch Bridge (Shadow of the Colossus)


The Arch Bridge in Shadow of the Colossus extends for what seems like miles, but at the end you’ll find a small cave needed to complete a PS4 trophy quest. The interesting thing about the bridge is that it takes seven real-life minutes to traverse the entire thing, and it gives you a chance to admire the wonderful scenery and quiet complacence of undisturbed nature. Or if you’re me, you’ll throw your controller across the room not two minutes into the journey.

7. The Bridge of Eldin (The Legend of Zelda)

Bridge of Eldin

The Bridge of Eldin first debuted in Twilight Princess but made a cameo appearance in Breath of the Wild as well. The Bridge of Eldin also features as one of the more minimalist stages in Super Smash Bros., but what I remember it for is the epic horseback battle Link engages in atop its crumbling cobblestones. Fighting off King Bublin in the bridge showed off Twilight Princess‘s brand new horseback combat in a big way.

6. The Bridge (2013)


Just a neat little indie puzzle game that deserves a shout out.

5. The Sky Bridge (The Last of Us Part II)

Sky Bridge

Whatever my other problems with The Last of Us Part II are, I cannot deny the Sky Bridge was one of the coolest locations I’ve seen in a game all year. It’s basically a half mile of boards, wires and metal beams tacked together that allow you to cross the city 100 stories up in the air totally unnoticed, unless you fall and die. Unfortunately the Sky Bridge loses points by leading to the hotel you have to work your way down slowly for three hours, which was the WORST part of the game.

4. Nugget Bridge (Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow)

No ragrets

For many of us who began our journey to become Pokémon Masters with the first generation as children, Nugget Bridge was the Moment of Truth. Five comparatively difficult trainers stand one after another with a golden nugget as a prize at the end. Beyond testing your mettle as a young Pokémon trainer, however, the last trainer on Nugget Bridge turned out to be a disguised member of Team Rocket, offering you a glamorous position as a grunt. As a kid, I proudly stood up in defiance and said, “No!” because I was the hero, a friend to people and Pokémon alike.

3. The Bridge to Jotunheim (God of War)


The Bridge to Jotunheim was the most iconic and exciting part of God of War for me, because it was only when I spoke to the World Serpent that I truly understood the scope of the game. Something about it wasn’t clicking with me before that, but afterwards I came to the realization that I was living inside an epic, like the story of Gilgamesh or Hercules. The voice of the World Serpent was achieved by layering sounds of dragging rocks, multiple wild animals, and frequency distortions that gave the voice the weight of an entire planet. I get shivers just remembering it.

2. Radical Highway (Sonic Adventure 2: Battle)


This bridge is one of the most iconic sights of my childhood, because it was the very first shot when you popped up Sonic Adventure 2: Battle on the GameCube. For many people, particularly Nintendo console owners, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle was the first 3D Sonic game available to them, and it kicked so much ass. Can you hear the butt rock now? LIVE AND LEARN!

1. Sam Porter Bridges

Screenshot 2020 09 20 sam porter bridges Google Search

You really gonna try and top Norman Reedus and his Norman fetus?

Did we miss your fav? Big fan of the The Bridge Constructor games? Let us know in the comments!

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