Top 6 Characters Who Were Reluctant Heroes

There are always those heroes who step up to their fate without a second thought, but for some, the choice to be brave and courageous might not come to them quite so effortlessly. These are some heroes that took a little longer to believe they had it in them or didn’t exactly have ‘saving the world’ at the top of their to-do list when things got bad.


Tidus – Final Fantasy X

Originally a badass, Bliztball team-captain and celebrity in his hometown of Zanarkand, Tidus loses all of that when a creature named Sin destroys everything. Suddenly, being close to Sin transports Tidus 1,000 years into the future where Zanarkand is no more then a religious pit-stop and graveyard. Tormented by the un-killable monster, the world is much more God-fearing, believing that their sins are what created it. Tidus finds friendship in guidance with another Bliztball captain, Wakka, who also happens to be a guardian to priestess Yuna. Yuna and everyone else in the universe of Yevon believe that the only way to have even temporary peace from Sin is by gaining powerful Aeons on a pilgrimage around the world and then using them to weaken it and gaining ten years of freedom from its destruction. However, the sacrifices of giving everyone this peace weighs heavily on Tidus’es heart, who agrees to become another guardian to Yuna. At first only wanting to return home, he follows Yuna’s cause when he becomes enamored with her and realises that killing Sin once and for all is more important to him when a plot twist is revealed.


Isaac Clarke – Dead Space

Once a simple ship engineer, Isaac is brought to Ishimura to see what repairs can be made for the vital ship that’s gone dark. Knowing his girlfriend Nicole is likely on the ship, Isaac searches for her more desperately as he goes on to repair the ship and the horrors that have taken up residence in it reveal themselves. Isaac develops into a hero figure when he begins to unravel a conspiracy with the Church of Unitology and attempts to save humanity.


Jason Brody – Farcry 3

Vacationing on a beach island with his friends and brothers, Jason is ripped away from his celebratory trip when the group parachutes and gets kidnapped by pirates who have been terrorising the island. Jason, who is the middle brother and has no fighting experience whatsoever, attempts to escape with Grant, his older military brother. However, when their leader Vaas catches them and kills Grant, Jason is left to make a run for it and fight for his life. When he finds refuge in a village of island locals trying to take back the island, Jason learns to fend for himself and become just as much of a warrior as others born on the island. He learns to realise that sometimes violence is required and he has a similar interest with the locals – killing Vaas and taking back the island.


Hope Estheim – Final Fantasy 13

Hope is a playable character in Final Fantasy 13 who starts of as more of a victim than a hero. Naïve and scared, Hope is caught up in the cross fire when the purge train is taken over by Lighting, who aims to stop the soldiers and find her sister Serah. When Serah’s fiancée drops in too and Snow asks for any of the civilians to grab a gun and help out, Hope’s mother stands up. Hope begs her not to go, however she is more than willing to fight for freedom and in the end, dies for it. Hope joins Lightning and the group, joined by circumstance, but spends a good part of the game blaming Snow for his mother’s death. It’s moving past the death of his mother and learning to defend himself that shows Hope growing into the hero he becomes.


Cole MacGrath – Infamous

Cole started out as a simple messenger with a loving girlfriend and no particular goal for the future. However, when a mysterious package Cole is carrying ends up being a destructive source of power, it kills a lot of people and leaves Cole with a strange new power – electrokinises. With his newfound power, Cole spends most of his days helping the surviving citizens by bringing power back and cleaning the water supply. Despite the city being unsure about him, and a video being released that paints Cole as a terrorist, he stays true to himself and continues to find who’s behind the havoc being raised on his city and even eventually making the ultimate sacrifices.


Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

In the newest addition to the Lara Croft franchise of games, Lara Croft begins as a young girl interested in archaeology and determined to become more independent. Though she spent a lot of time living with Roth after the murder of her father, Lara works and pays to attend university. After some time, she is even invited by Roth to attend a ship expedition to find Yamatai. Despite one of the passengers being someone Lara once admired for their work, it’s clear early on who really has the brains on the ship and Lara points the crew in the direction of The Dragons Triangle. When they become shipwrecked though, Lara is suddenly separated from everyone and left to save herself. Lara goes on throughout the game to prove she is the tough tomb raider we all know and love as she becomes deadly with the bow, treats fatal wounds on herself time and time again and is the only one to succeed in multiple tasks other crew members she comes across cannot complete themselves. Lara is a tough and intelligent character, who acted quick on her feet and learns her environment before you can blink.

Who are your favourite reluctant heroes?

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