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Learning is a process enhanced by games that make it more exciting and thrilling. They dare you to be creative in tackling obstacles and increase your problem-solving skills. They create memorable memories that help you retain knowledge better using the simple skills you learn in the process.

There are many games to play but picking on the best builds your overall performance. Here are some popular games among students to ignite your mind while breaking the monotony of studying.


You never miss to stop and think before making a chess move when playing with friends. The game needs you to use critical thinking in weighing the many options you have to protect the King.

The game involves two players who protect their kings from the opponent’s knights, Rooks, Bishops, and the mighty queen. They make their moves through 8 files and across 8 ranks in an attempt to evade a checkmate and outdo their chess opponent.

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Compromising a win is very easy when playing checkers. You need to concentrate and put all your efforts into making the right moves. Each move determines the flow of the game that dictates the winner right from the beginning.

The multiplayer game is easy to win once your man is at the end of the board. It gives you an upper hand as a king to move forward and backward diagonally.

Connect Four

Connect four is an easy strategy game that helps you win once you have the best knowledge. You have to strategize before making a move and think ahead of the opponent to increase your chances of success. You detect the patterns of the game and predict the outcome of the opponent’s moves.

You play against one player where each of you fills the columns from bottom to the top. You should ensure that none of the spaces has an X or an O put together. You win the game with either four X or O in a row.

Cards Against Humanity

Your humanity is at stake when you do not know the vocabulary and how to spell words. The game nurtures sentence construction skills by improving your grammar. It is among the best educational games to build your communication skills.

The multiplayer game starts with the black card played by the card Czar that reads or answers the question of the black card. The rest of you face a white card down to fill in blank phrases before passing it to the Card Czar.



Having the right strategy ensures you make your learning faster, simpler, and enjoyable. Civilization offers you this chance with the many viable options to play your cards and be at the top of the game.

You build a civilization by identifying suitable locations on your map to build cities. Dealing with barbarians is hard. You need to think of the best plan to prevent their scouts from reporting to their camps to plan on attacking your city.

Mario Kart

Mario Kart is a competitive game that needs you to master the drifting system to maintain the first position. It improves your creative skills as you try to find the best ghost data of the game to help you win.

Along the way, you pick up coins that boost your speed and ensure you are off the grid very fast. It also has a battle mode to help you attack karts from the opponents to win.


Controlling the use of resources and people is better when you play Anno. You build your leadership skills when creating strategies to help grow cities and take risks to help it grow.

You use the blueprint mode to discover good lands to build and enhance social growth. It offers you public health utilities to keep your citizens healthy and improve their happiness. Increase your defenses and conquer new grounds using its advanced features.


Studying consumes a lot of your energy while draining your mind too much. You need to keep away from books by playing games that help you explore and connect with your friends and family. The above games come in various varieties to help you build on strategic, creative, leadership, and risk-taking skills. Take some free time away from class, play these games on your phone or boards, and enhance your creativity.


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