Top Beginner Tips for Playing ARK: Survival Evolved

Welcome to Ark’s mysterious island, where several prehistoric beasts surround you. On the island, you have several things to contend with, including humans, enormous dinosaurs, and, more strangely, the elements. Just as the name implies, your survival in the game depends on how well you can utilize everything at your disposal.

Your adaptation and survival require even more as a beginner in the game. To help you overcome this, we’ve compiled some tips discussed in this article. Furthermore, we advise that you buy Ark Survival Evolved Hacks to make your beginner journey much easier.

5 Tips for beginners playing Ark: Survival Evolved

  1. Your first dodo mustn’t escape.

Your health on Ark’s wonderful island depends on several factors, including your body’s water and food content. Dodos provide Raw meat and hide. Raw meat is a better source of nutrients and healing than the many bushes berries.

Also, you can use hide from Dodos to craft Waterskins and other advanced weapons such as the Slingshot. Furthermore, hides are ideal for crafting clothing needed to protect you from harsh weather conditions. Luckily, dodos only require a few punches to the head to kill them.

  1. You’ll need materials for crafting.

You’ll need to craft the necessary tools to enhance your existence on the island. You’ll land on the beach with nothing but a loincloth and nothing to defend yourself if an enemy player or a beast attacks you. Once you spawn, walk over to the nearest line of trees and punch the trees to collect wood.

To collect rocks, press the E button as many times as possible. After you have collected enough materials, combine both to craft a pickaxe. With the pickaxe, you can gather more rocks to create your ax. You’ll also need other materials such as flint, fibers, stone, and thatch. You’ll learn to fetch them as you advance.

  1. Occupy yourself with Dinosaurs

Ark doesn’t give you tasks or objectives you must complete in games. You’re at liberty to choose how you want to play your game. You can decide to go about the game crafting tools and farming; it’s no crime. However, you may run into hostile players or dinosaurs that seek to tear you apart.

You’ll be glad you had a dinosaur by your side to help you. Luckily, the game allows you to tame dinosaurs to assist you in situations like these. Also, you’ll need dinosaurs to help you farm for materials faster compared to when you use your crafted tools. Some good beasts for farming are Triceratops and Doedicurus.

  1. Learn to tame dinos

Taming dinosaurs to do your bidding in Ark is an interesting process, though you have a lot to learn. First off, you need to knock the beast out. Avoid using sharp objects when taming beasts, a few blows from a dull club will make the beast unconscious. However, note that inflicting too much damage will kill the beast instead of knocking it out.

You must then place Narcoberries or mejoberries in their inventory for them to eat. If you’re taming a carnivore, you’ll need to feed them with raw meat instead. This food will help to maintain their health and also help you gain their trust. Tame smaller dinos while you’re just starting and work your way up as you get better weapons for defense.

  1. Your health is your wealth.

Ark is a survival game. What matters is that you survived and are alive at the end of the game, irrespective of what you do. Therefore you must always monitor your health, water, and food levels. These parameters are always shown at the bottom of the screen.

Also, you must spend some engrams to get a good set of full body armor, not just the pants and top. These will help you survive the fatal blows you may suffer if you ever encounter an angry dinosaur. If you lack sufficient defense or weapons, stay away from large beasts.


Beginners on Ark sometimes complain that the game is boring, while others complain that it’s difficult to understand. This is because they lack primary information on what the game is about. Use the tips we have provided above to give yourself a smooth start.

Despite being a survival game, Ark has scenarios that seem like a setup for you to die. So, you shouldn’t be afraid of dying because that will happen a lot. If you don’t know what to do with your time, focus on taming dinosaurs and farming. You must also craft tools and weapons to help you survive against competitors.

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