Alyss, codenamed M-sec 2000, is an upcoming playable SSR character coming to the free-to-play anime-style open-world MMO Tower of Fantasy with the next major update, Amidst Miasma. She is a DPS unit and an Ice Element Simulacrum who uses a pair of blades called Unyielding Wing attached to her ankle. 

With her imminent addition to the Tower of Fantasy playable characters roster, you probably want to know who Alyss is and what role she plays in the game’s story, as well as her skills, release date, recommended Matrices, and other such details to be better prepared. So, without any further ado, let us get started with our Tower of Fantasy Alyss guide that covers everything you need to know. 

Tower of Fantasy Alyss Lore: Who is Alyss?


Alyss is a new recruit in the Mirroria Security Force, a group responsible for maintaining peace and harmony in Mirroria. She is a highly trained person who aspires to be better than those around her. Looking at her work ethic and brilliance, she has been called upon to participate in high-level missions of the Security Forces. 

Once the Tower of Fantasy 2.3 update is live, you can experience her Story Quest called Reunion to learn more about her. 

Alyss’ Skills and Abilities

Alyss Abiities

Like any other Tower of Fantasy character, Alyss’ abilities are divided into three categories, Normal Attack, Dodge, and Skill, where each category offers more than one unique form of attack. 

Normal Attack

There are a total of five different Normal Attacks that you can perform with Alyss’ Unyielding Wing. These are: 

Swan Arch 

While on the ground, launch five consecutive attacks with Immortal Wings.

  • The first attack deals 101.3% ATK + 5 damage to the target and a small knockback.
  • The second attack deals 107.3% of ATK + 6 damage to the target and a large knockback
  • The third attack deals 116.4% of ATK + 6 damage to the target and a small knockback.
  • The fourth attack deals 141.8% of ATK + 7 damage to the target and suspends them.
  • The fifth attack deals 241.5% of ATK + 13 damage to the target and launches them. 

Flying Wing Combo 

While in the air, deals damage five times and consumes a certain amount of stamina.

  • The first attack deals 72.1% of ATK + 4 damage to the target.
  • The second attack deals 65.6% of ATK + 3 damage to the target.
  • The third attack deals 115.8% of ATK + 6 damage to the target.
  • The fourth attack deals 131.1% of ATK + 7 damage to the target.
  • The Fifth attack deals 343.9% of ATK + 18 to the target and knocks them down.

Flash Dance 

When using Swan Arc, press and hold down the basic attack button to gather targets and deal 506.5% ATK + 27 damage, with the final hit deals firmly suspending targets and deals 95% ATK + 5 damage.

Passive: After successfully executing any weapon skill or entering Latent Configuration for 4 seconds, become immune to damage during the next Flash Dance.

Sweeping Dive 

Hold attack while in the air (when there is a valid target), climbing, reverse jump attacking, or gliding to trigger a plunge attack that consumes stamina. During the descent, each hit deals 95% of ATK + 5 damage to targets.


Press and hold basic attack to spin, dealing 167.2% of ATK + 9 damage, gaining immunity to control effects while consuming stamina. The last hit will deal 190% of ATK + 10 damage.


Apart from the normal Dodge, Alyss has two special dodge abilities, where the Latent Configuration is the most unique one as it allows her to take form of a butterfly. 

Dancer Form

After a backward dodge, attack three times to deal up to 958% of ATK +50, with the first hit strongly suspending targets.

Latent Configuration

Press and hold dodge to enter the Latent Configuration, continuously consuming stamina and increasing movement speed by 50%. While inside the Cold Field, increase movement speed by 50%. When you leave the transformation, deal 492.1% of ATK + 26 damage and freeze enemies for 2 seconds.


Dodge right before getting hit to trigger a Phantasia, cooldown 15 seconds, reducing the speed of enemies within an area. Become immune to hitstun for 0.5 seconds while dodging.


Alyss has two Skills, Cold Field and Night of the White Star. You can use Cold Field by pressing ‘1’ on PC or tapping on the Skill icon on your Android or iOS device. On the other hand, you can use Night of the White Star, by switching to Unyielding Wing when its fully charged. 

Cold Field

Pull in nearby enemies and deal 982.5% of ATK + 52 damage and strongly suspend enemies, cooldown 25 seconds. Enter a Cold Field for 30 seconds and gain immunity to control effects while casting the skill.

Passive: Using a Frost weapon’s discharge skill in the Cold Field deals 262.1% of ATK + 14 Frostbite damage and slow targets for 2 seconds (does not apply to bosses). In the field, Immortal Wings’ basic and charged attacks will create a Space Fracture every 12 hits, dealing 270% of ATK + 14 damage one time to targets in the area every 2 seconds for 25 seconds (will stop when the field disappears).

Night of the White Star

When the weapon charge is full or Phantasia is triggered, switch to this weapon to clear all debuffs from the user, deal 727.9% of ATK + 38 damage, and strongly suspend the target. During the discharge animation, become immune to damage for 2.6 seconds (does not take effect in Apex League).

When is Alyss Coming Out in Tower of Fantasy?

Alyss is coming to Tower of Fantasy with the version 2.3 update, which will go live on Feb. 2. Once the update is out, players can perform gacha pulls on her Special Order banner using Red Nucleus and other premium currency.

Recommended Matrices for Alyss in Tower of Fantasy

Here are some of the best Matrices you can use with Alyss to enhance her combat capabilities:

  • Alyss Matrices x4 
    • Equipping four pieces of Alyss’ SSR Matrices gives her a significant increase in DMG. 
  • Shiro x4
    • If you don’t want to roll for Alyss’ Matrices, you can use four pieces of Shiro’s Matrices to get consistent damage and shatter increase. 

Apart from the above two, you can combine different Matrices like Crow’s and Sameer’s and others to increase Alyss’ DPS capability. 

Tower of Fantasy is available on Android, iOS and PC platforms. Will you be playing? Let us know in the comments below.

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