Tower of Fantasy Half-Anniversary Party is a limited-time event that celebrates the game’s half-anniversary, where every wanderer will receive plenty of in-game events and rewards. One of many events available is the Half-Anniversary Party, where wanderers will get three limited-time events named Frost and Flame, Fruit Barrage, and Heavy Punch.

In this Tower of Fantasy guide, we will explain everything you need to know about Half-Anniversary Party.

Half-Anniversary Party 

As mentioned earlier, this limited-time event celebrates Tower of Fantasy‘s half-anniversary. Wanderers can participate in this event and obtain a free Vehicle: Nova, red nucleus, an avatar, and plenty of other rewards. There are three limited-time events in the Tower of Fantasy Half-Anniversary Party:

Frost and Flame
Frost and Flame
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It will be a multiplayer limited-time event that will be available from February 9 to March 8. There will be two teams in this event, Frost and Flame. Both teams will have an equal number of players, and they will attack the opponent’s Core Crystal. The side that manages to protect their Core Crystal wins the match. You can’t choose which team you’ll be on as you will be randomly assigned to one of the teams. So be prepared to protect your Core Crystal and win this limited-time Frost and Flame event!

Fruit Barrage 
Fruit Barrage
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Fruit Barrage will be a last-man-standing limited-time event available from February 16 to March 8. It is a simple but very entertaining game where you must dodge the incoming fruits by jumping or crouching. If you get hit by an incoming fruit, you will be knocked back by one grid, and if you get hit by three incoming fruits, you will fall into the pool and lose the match. There will be six players per match, and the player who survives till the end by dodging the maximum number of fruits will win the challenge.

Heavy Punch
Heavy Punch
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Heavy Punch will be a limited-time Heavyweight Boxing match event available from February 23 to March 8. In this event, players can transform into something random to experience an exciting match. The match will consist of 10 rounds with 8 players per match. One of the eight players will be selected randomly to control the direction of the attack, known as the puncher, and the remaining seven will be the dodgers.

The puncher will throw a punch every 10 seconds, and the dodgers must hide behind the buildings to dodge the incoming attacks. The longer you survive, the higher your rank will be.

Rewards for participating in the Half-Anniversary Party

Below, we have shared the list of rewards you will receive for participating in the limited-time Frost and Flame, Fruit Barrage, and Heavy Punch events in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Title
  • Avatar Frame
  • 10x Red Nucleus
  • 40x Spacetime Crystal Fragments

That’s all in this Tower of Fantasy limited-time events Half-Anniversary Party guide. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.

Tower of Fantasy is available on Android, iOS, and PC platforms. Will you be playing?

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