Despite a decrease in Nintendo Switch sales, the company have confirmed that they have no plans to introduce price cuts anytime soon. This news comes after an official Q&A was recently released which saw Nintendo president, Shuntaro Furukawa, answer a question about the company’s goals for Switch prices. Nintendo have refused a permanent price cut for the system since its launch in 2017, and it appears as though they are still against it – despite sales of the unit slowing down. 

“As we continue the Nintendo Switch business over the long term, we have tried to preserve the value and prices of both hardware and software as much as possible,” Furukawa replied. “We do not believe that policy needs to be changed at this point.” 

Switch OLED
The Switch is the third-best-selling video game console ever.

Despite Switch sales soaring past PS4 with a major sales milestone lately which saw it overtaking the Game Boy and PlayStation 4, its overall sales are down by 21% year-on-year. However, with the OLED currently keeping sales afloat over the vanilla and Lite units, Furukawa admits it may still be hard to grow sales in the future. 

“In this environment, it will not be easy to maintain hardware sales at the same pace as before. For this reason, our new challenge for the seventh year is finding ways to encourage users who are considering new purchases, replacement purchases, and additional purchases to pick up a Nintendo Switch.” He continued, “we believe that both new titles and evergreen titles can create opportunities for new users to purchase hardware. Furthermore, maintaining engagement with the hardware can lead to the introduction of new software.”

Overall, it seems like the Nintendo Switch will be staying at its RRP for now. However, with recent news that the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will be retailed at $70 in the U.S, we may see the start of a price increase for Nintendo games also.

Do you think the Switch needs a price cut? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to GameLuster for more gaming news!

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