Translations from Famitsu reveal new details for Ace Attorney 6

More details have been revealed for the recently revealed Ace Attorney 6, new translations from Famitsu provide details on story as well as the new characters such as the mysterious women we recently heard about. As such you can read a roundup of the translated information below:

– Once again, the game is set in a foreign country which Phoenix visits “for a certain goal”
– The old Wright luck kicks in and he finds himself wrapped up in a certain case when his tour guide is arrested
– Phoenix goes to see the trial
– When there, he sees there’s no defense attorney and the judge is relying on things like an “oracle of spirits” to hand down a guilty verdict immediately
– Phoenix objects and takes the defense’s bench
– In the game is the mysterious, strong-willed woman in the art
– This woman is neither a witness nor a prosecutor nor a judge
– She’s this game’s “key person” like Athena in AA5
– Note that it does not say she’s Phoenix’s assistant, just reuses the “key person” term
– The “water mirror” in the courtroom plays a part in a new system they’re keeping under wraps
– The magazine also seems to suggest there may be other small changes from the usual courtroom antics
– This new system will be playable at TGS 2015
– In this country, there are prosecutors, but no defense attorneys
– Defendants must use a “certain object” to defend themselves
– The game’s theme is a “courtroom revolution”
– The team felt Phoenix was in a position where he didn’t really have anyone who could match up to him in Japan, so that was part of the reason they moved him into the wider world
– They also hope that trials in a court where the usual “rules” don’t play will help give a sense of urgency to the game that they couldn’t get in just a plain Japanese trial
– Devs have heard complaints about Ace Attorney 5 being too easy due to the many hints characters gave
– With this game, they’re aiming to let the player enable/disable hints on their own, and to avoid direct clues like in AA5
– Development is still fairly early on
– The team wants to make a game to surpass the previous entries, and to “betray the player’s expectations – in a good way!”


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