Troy Baker On Uncharted Film & The Last Of Us TV Hopes

Troy Baker has expressed hopes to become an infected in The Last Of Us TV adaptation, and subsequently blown up for Joel, his in-game counterpart. He further referenced his idea of playing a character similar to Quint from Jaws.

“I would love to be someone who’s like, and ‘by the way, he’s an Infected’ and I want to be blown up by Joel. That would be the best.” Troy says.

In a live-stream on YouTube, following a few minutes of audio difficulties, Troy shared his opinions at length about Tom Holland’s first photo as Uncharted’s Nathan Drake, albeit a younger Drake.

Baker says that for a long time he’d only ever seen Nolan North in the role as the wise-cracking adventurer, before hoping to “see a side of Tom Holland I’ve never seen before, but also a side of Nathan Drake that I’ve never seen before”.

He adds that Tom Holland has to deal with over 100 hours of gameplay from the Uncharted series, further hoping that the adaptation would find a path that the games had not explored previously.

At another point, he discusses the difficulties of adapting video games for the silver screen and says: ”The reason why I’m looking at this is this feels like a possible harbinger of what the HBO show of The Last of Us is gonna be like, which feels like it’s definitely in good hands with Craig Mazin,” the voice actor later adds.

Later, he revealed that he’d rather see a TV show than a film, referencing HBO’s adaptation to The Last Of Us.

Recently, during an interview with Nihal Arthanayake in a BBC Radio Interview, Craig Mazin gave an update on the HBO adaptation of The Last Of Us. Together with game director Neil Druckmann, an outline of mapping out the “first cycle” of the project had begun, prior to moving onto the writing stage.

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