Dirt 5 Multiplayer: Everything You Need To Know

DIRT 5’s online multiplayer has been detailed by Chris Groves, Codemasters’ Social & Community Manager. In a Playstation.Blog post, the multiplayer mode will provide “thrilling racing and objective-based entertainment, against your buds and the rest of the world!”. 

Groves outlines new party modes, which include ‘Vampire’. First glimpsed in the Playgrounds trailer back in August and Outbreak in DIRT 3, the mode tasks players with hunting down drivers with a single vampire car. Those who survive until dawn will achieve victory and escape. The key will be to drive fast and show those driving skills to your advantage. 

‘King’, as the title suggests has a simple premise. Keep possession of the crown and do not let it fall into the hands of other drivers. Points are earned every time a driver holds the crown. There’ll be trails of coins to collect and two crowns in the arena, which “will automatically reset if a player retains it for a set amount of time.”

‘Transporter’ tasks drivers with “capturing, defending and evading to score the win.” Drivers will need to capture a certain object and take it to a designated location. Points are scored by doing so, but every other driver will be on your tail to prevent you from doing so and claim the object and points for themselves. 

The longer a driver keeps hold of the object, the more points they’ll score. DIRT 5 has also added a playlist of ten locations and car classes for online races. These classes include Classic Rally, Pre Runners, Cross Raid, and Rally Cross, and many more besides. Plus, according to Groves, private lobbies are a “planned addition for after Dirt 5’s launch.”

We move swiftly onto cross-generation multiplayer, which allows Playstation 5 and Playstation 4 players to network together and compete for the finish line. There is a wide range of personalization items up for grabs, all available with the currency earned for competing in multiplayer events. 

DIRT 5 was confirmed as a PS5 launch title, available from November 12 in the US and other territories, and November 19 for the rest of the world. 

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