Two Huge Gaming Releases To Look Forward To

It’s been a pretty unrelenting first quarter in terms of gaming releases with plenty of big and small name titles coming to the shelves (and digital shelves) over the course of the first three months. We’ve already got a new Rainbow Six game from Ubisoft in Rainbow Six Seige, Elden Ring has been embraced with plaudits galore & the long awaited Gran Turismo 7 has just become available too. We’re going to dive into some that are scheduled for release in the not too distant future.

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Forspoken has a release date of October 11th 2022 (pushed back from May) and is developed by Square Enix & Luminous productions on their ‘Luminous Edge’ platform. For now, it will be a PS5 & PC based game – expansion to Xbox may well happen a bit farther down the line. 24 months has been touted as the timeline for this expansion to take place. Considered a cornerstone of showcasing the technical abilities of the PS5, the title was announced by Sony themselves as Playstation Showcase 2021.

Formerly known as ‘Project Athia’ this RPG game is centred around Frey Holland, a woman living in New York, USA and is set between real life Earth and a dystopian unknown magical land (pencilled to be called Athia but this may be subject to change).

Frey is voiced by English actor Ella Balinska and takes on a ‘beautiful yet threatening world’ and whilst a lot of the storyline is shrouded in mystery. What we do know is that you’ll be expected to take on the likes of dragons, bear-like creatures and more across a variety of semi earthlike landscapes / maps. Frey has more than just regular human abilities in her arsenal to do so – employing magic in order to battle monstrous creatures & traverse the game’s sprawling landscapes.

Frey is guided on her journey by a bracelet known as “Cuff” who at this stage appears to be more of an intrinsic character than a piece of jewellery. This one certainly has the makings of an intriguing title.


Starfield is a new title altogether, fresh meat! From Bethesda (now owned by Microsoft) this Sci-fi game will be available only on Xbox and PC and it’s already gathering a huge amount of hype. Described by a few as “Skyrim in Space” – we’re expecting this to be a heavy hitter with a release date sometime in 2023. It’s been a long time coming, with first teaser trailers initially released way back in 2018. However, it’s apparently been in the works for approaching a decade!

Set approximately 300 years in the future, you play a lone space explorer traversing a mammoth map, with various planets each rivalling the map size of Skyrim. This is either hugely exciting or hugely daunting, can’t quite decide which.

As is custom with games like this, there will be a heavily customisable protagonist to personalise the adventure to you as much as you see fit. You’ll travel alongside your robot companion “Vasco” who is a utilitarian bipedal robot capable of helping you traverse rough terrain and carry heavy shit. The robot does have some defence capabilities but is primarily a peaceful asset to your space journey.

In terms of location, the map is as expected – aesthetically stunning. There are a few cities as a part of the story mode including New Atlantis, home of the United Colonies & Neon which is a kind of fishing colony turned hedonistic capital & also Pagliarulo – the capital of the Freestar Collective. Each has its own unique set of charms.

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