Explore An Ocean Abyss in New Indie Title SILT

The depths of the ocean are filled with terrifying things, from ink-black pits to enormous undersea monsters – and nobody knows that better than Spiral Circus and Fireshine Games, the collaborators behind the upcoming indie puzzle-adventure title SILT. SILT came to life via its creators fondness for the obscure, the bizarre, and the more than a little bit frightening. It takes players to a hand-crafted, unsettling, monochrome world – and it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch next month, according to an announcement during the May 11 edition of Nintendo’s Indie World event.

Fireshine Games, which was previously published titles including The Survivalists and No Straight Roads, teams up with first-time developer Spiral Circus to tell the tale of a single lonesome diver tasked with solving the mysteries of an underwater abyss. Along the way, the diver will encounter puzzles to solve, ancient machines and ruins to explore, and enormous undersea goliaths to fight. In order to progress ever deeper, players will be able to possess a variety of sea creatures and utilize their unique abilities both during exploration and in battle. The world of SILT, which was primarily designed and drawn by Spiral Circus co-founder Tom Mead, has been described as coming from both Mr. Mead’s imagination and his nightmares.

In addition to a release for the Nintendo Switch, SILT is expected to debut for PC via Steam. It will be a digital exclusive that can be purchased via the Nintendo Switch eShop following its release next month.

SILT was just one of several titles announced during the May 11 Nintendo Indie World livestream – although it was hands down the spookiest. Other games coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2022 and 2023 include the whimisical Wayward Strand, the grim Cult of the Lamb, and ports of existing titles including Ooblets and Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.


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