Two new Pokemon revealed for Sun and Moon through Coro-Coro

Coro-Coro promised that this month we would finally see some firsts for Pokemon Sun and Moon in their magazine, and we now know they have delivered. Through the magazine this month two new Pokemon has been revealed, the first one is Nekkoala, the Contagious Dream Pokemon and as the name suggests this one looks like a Koala (more Australian then Hawaiian but I will forgive them), Nekkoala is a normal type Pokemon who has the ability Definite Sleep which prevents it being afflicted with a status other than sleep. We also see the Deep Eye dog Pokemon named Iwanko, who is Rock-type and carries the ability Keen Eye or Vital Spirit, I expect one of these Pokemon will be available near the games opening, if not both.

I have put the scans of these Pokemon below in case you wish to avoid seeing what they look like, but either way I can tell you they are adorable.

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