A gameplay trailer for Injustice 2 has released

Injustice 2 was officially revealed a couple of days ago and during this reveal we did not learn much, we found out there will be a handful of new characters, we also found out each character will have some form of armor upgrade and that is about it. Now we have our first view of the gameplay thanks to a new trailer, and really we don’t know anything knew, based on what is shown this sequel seems more or less the same as the first game in terms of combat.

Through some of the battles shown I did spot some new moves for older characters such as Aquaman which was pretty interesting, and we do see Batman change his armor during some cutscene, but honestly I think Injustice 2 will be playing it safe, but you can make up your own mind by watching the trailer below:

If Injustice 2 is playing it safe I cannot say it is a bad thing, the first game was pretty good, so I say don’t fix what is not broken. No release date has been given for Injustice 2, however I would say we might learn something from E3.

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