Two Point Hospital Delayed to 2020 On Console

Earlier this year, Sega and Two Point Studios revealed Two Point Hospital would be making its way to current generation consoles. The originally expected release window was at end of 2019, with an official release date to be announced once the developers were certain on one. Well, now it is time to strike Two Point Hospital off the list of games you may have been looking to playing in 2019 as the developer has revealed the console release has been delayed until 2020.

At the current point in time, the game now expected to release the “first half of 2020.” In a blog post explaining the delay, the developers of the game explained the difficulty of bringing the game to three consoles and making the best possible versions they can is a “tricky programming puzzle.” An excerpt of their reason for the delay says:

“Put simply: making a management simulation game on three consoles (and making it the best it possibly can be on all three), is a tricky programming puzzle. We have to take the game apart and figure out how to fit it into what is essentially a smaller box. That takes a bit more time and engineering work. So, we’re going to take a bit longer. We expect a new release date for Two Point Hospital Console to be in the first half of 2020 and we’ll be sure to keep you right up to date with our progress.

We know you’ll be a bit disappointed by this news, but hopefully you understand why we’re doing it: quality is the most important thing and we want you to have the very best experience.”

Marc Webley, Game Director at Two Point Studios shared the following in the press release, continuing to elaborate on the delay:

“Our community have asked for Two Point Hospital on consoles for a while now and we want to make sure we deliver a game that can be enjoyed to the fullest on all platforms. This means we will need a little bit more time to optimise the game to ensure the best possible experience across all platforms.”

While this is certainly sad news for those looking to jump into the console version of Two Point Hospital, perhaps the final product will be all the better on platforms with the delay.

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